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Wednesday, October 21, 200911:53 PM

Well, i guess my blog is near extinction if im still not posting up anything. Busy is the reason i will give. :(

Other than studies, floorball TM, sheares dance and SP(not starting yet though) and will be joining touch rug as well. Hmmmm. touch rug has a different story behind it as to why i join, definitely not for the points.

Goodluck concert is round the corner, and thats why it has been dance dance dance these few days. To be exact, tmr is the day. I really really hope i dont screw anything up or wad. Which i did in this full dress rehersals. ahhh. i feel like hiding my face away seriously. The sudden change in position, and then there i go, blank out at that very moment. oh gosh. nvm nvm. chill chill and have fun tmr i hope.

Gossips are at the high ends especially in my block. laughs. Im not in any better state but, i will make things get better over time. I dont wish to bother about anything currently, with the things in hand to dooo. i need more time. thats what i can say!

Tuesday, September 15, 200911:18 AM

Ah, i havent been online oftenn, and i know sometimes it takes a long while for me to reply messages and such. Busy is the reason. Its very hard to find time noww, especially living in hall. Yup, as much as im enjoying and having fun here, there are still things im hanging around about. Friends that ive made here are great but not to the extent whereby i can chat and that they can really understand me. : ( I really wish to meet up with 0707 and np peepsss, color but sometimes, i cant tear away from the loads of stuffs to do.

I'm looking and waiting for F1 to start, i'll have damn load of time to talk everything under the sun to hazel and jx ;D

Well, the people here are damn smart can, a glance and you can see all the hwachong vj rj tj nj people -.- The time taken for them to do an assignment is like half of mine. I don even wish to study hard, cause i find that no matter how i hard i do, i can nv match up to them. Im just happy to enjoy uni life, pass with a reasonable grade. Please don let me fail and for that i will be very much elated.

Define gratitude and love

When pieces fall in place and you get happiness and surprises but you know there's nth more than lovely thank yous. At the same time, you dont want to lose it all.

And when you realise you dont need any things in return, that's different already.

Wednesday, August 26, 20093:27 PM

Its a nice and cool wednesday afternoon, im in my room, people who were chit chatting with me just left to do their stuffs too. Sooo, to think that i havent blogged for really quite some time, here i am back here to revive it!
Im very sorry that i have been missing out in a lot of stuffs since i joined SECC camp in june. Ive committed myself in RAG dance, busy training all the while. Then RAG Day was a day-filled with emotions when we lost. But the sense of belonging towards the hall im staying is fostered stronger than ever. Well, now that IBG, interblock games is in the process, and im almost involved in most of the games here and there. Im really tired! Competition, practices, Sleeping at 3 plus, waking up at either 7 plus for lecture or 9 plus for other tutorials. Once all these are over, and time returns, i'll definitely be meeting back up with all the people around me.

Well, during the block comm interview, they were asking if i would change my rating of how much i would want to join block comm. Mine was still at 7/10. I explained to them the 3 points would go to my studies, families and friends. Ive been missing out too much lately. Haiz.

Plus id just lost my wallet recently. I guess i lost it quite some time ago and realised it like a few days later : ( My mum just gave me 50 bucks for selling my omnia phone away and and and my tution money is also inside. VERY SAD CAN. atm card, debit card. kbox card. partyworld card. nebo card. haizzzz. gone gone gone. Okay, treat it as a lesson to learn and never let my things lying everywhere and anywhere the next time.

Hall stuffs, busy busy. Ht ht everywhere too. The events there are really interesting. One thing, im living well and good in sheares : )

But sometimes, im just afriad when things go over what i expected. How. Perhaps i might be thinking too much as well.

Sunday, August 09, 200912:19 AM

okay, rag day might be over and sheares didnt clinch the champion, but one thing i am sure of is the kind of spirit we had that ive nv experienced in a lifetime. That kind of tears, hugs and encouragement you see and hear there, it etches in my heart. The whole presentation, from the opening till the finale doesnt seem like 5 mins at all. Everything was so fast, like within 2 blinks, and its gone. And We all did our best.

Im just very crossed with myself for entering the wrong way during the opening. haizzz. id just felt omg, ive nv felt as stupid and idiotic as that before. Just glad that some ppl who went to see our performance didnt felt any thing wrong with it. There were minor hiccups here and there throughout our performance. Anyway, its a really good effort that everyone have put in already. It may be a lost that didnt feel good but if there's a chance, I would really want to join back rag

Okay, putting rag aside, just a few days ago, i was down with a bad flu, cough, headache and slight fever. But this was common in sheares,everyone was like falling sick one after another. No matter wad, take care of your health!

Uni life is starting very soon, modules bidding stuffs SUCK like shit. i hate doing such things. i really need a live organiser beside me that can really remind me everythingggggg can. :( i realised i just missed my tutorial balloting on 7th august. haiz. i knew it like only now lo.......

ONE GOOD THING : I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST. yes its auto. but im still very proud of myself. wahahahhaa. and i just tried to drive my dad's car around punggol just now, full strength family in the car trying to enjoy my not-that-skilled yet driving. hahaha.

LAST note of the post :
happy national day!

Saturday, July 18, 20098:39 PM

Really short meet-up at RP ytd with NP peeps, bing chao weiwen kimwee. full strength for the girls. hahha. anyway, didnt manage to talk much either, rushed off for rag bash at sheares hall at night. *sry people, busy with rag lately, but we'll be meeting more often after its over. Sheares seemed more like a second hm now already. im like there 5 or 6 days a week, staying overnight occasionally.

Rag bash's theme is ahbengs and ahlians cross-dress. Its hilarious for the guys to be in dresses or skirts with fake boobs and leggings. its EWW but damn funny too. Anyway this was like the first time for me to drink that much outside. plus you can really discover the true self of so many people you've known for the past month in one night. pretty amazing.

Sians, its always like that, at that very moment, i just want to have fun and flow along with the crowd. Afterwards, i feel damn bad. idkw. Alright, its just me that is wierd. but hey, i seriously don feel gd. :(

Wednesday, July 01, 200912:47 PM

YAY. im in with my lesbian partner CHANSHUMIN to SHEARES HALL : )
No need for any plan B or C! xD

Now that ive been already heading down to sheares often for rag dance, which i often reach home around 11plus at night, all the lights are off by the time im back. So its like i havent really seen ( okay perhaps just glances ) or talked to my parents lately. The time im awake, they are all off to work :( Furthermore, my practices this for the past and this week is only mon,wed,fri. Next week onwards it will be mon-fri T.T I don't really feel tired though, cause im having fun there with the fact that i enjoy dancing as well ( though i dont dance that well ) HAHA. Other days are filled with lessons, driving, tution, french and the musicstory dance class. *i havent considered meet ups k! Alright, most of these extra activities are all gg to end by AUGUST. Erm, okay, which means uni life starts after that.

I think i'll miss my family badly once i really get in to hostels. 4 days 3 nights had been the longest period ive been away from my family. hahaha. oh dear. okay i know you all might think im such a whiny little non-independent girl who is 19 years old already and starts missing home when she's not even there yet. oh come on, im still my dad and mom's little girl. xD

Anyway, kbox with YTF girls 2 days ago and we had our photos taken too :) give me some time while i get it scanned and uploaded here. =p

Sunday, June 28, 20096:10 PM

It was COLOR's steamboat at my house yesterday :) and then down to vivo for a walk. haha. okay, its a very random outing to vivo which im already very siansss of that place already but oh well just a trip for some chats and hanging out. EH. we didnt take any photos tgt :(

Anyway, have been heading down to nus for rag dance these few days, its like a mon, wed, fri thingy which we learn a choreo for the finale performance as well as some stunts. Hmmm, Stunts. Its my first ever time doing these kind of stuffs, which is the same for most of them there too. Its like pulling your courage out, balancing and trusting the support people below. No matter what, im quite enjoying myself with everything there. -results for hostels are gg to be out tmr. i really dont know why i didnt place sheares under my first choice when i've already made friends and gotten myself comfortable with the environment. Alright, maybe these came after i made my choice. Anyway, shumin and i have our plan b plan c. xD seee how then! Next week onwards, trainings for rag is like 10-10 daily. Of course, i cant possibly for all the trainings, i guess nobody can lah! I will still spend time hanging out with the dearest people around me. But, i'll surely go if i can make it!

Tomorrow's kbox time with YTF and then down to rag dance at night!